Saturday, March 7, 2009

Verve Release Sketch Challenge - Hope

What a started off Jim and I being late to our nephew's first ever baseball game...and of course, he was first at bat and scored! Well, we finally got there and he played awesome! Then, we went home because Jim wasn't feeling well and I decided to clean (a little) around the house. I started looking around and got in one of those moods where I needed to FIX everything and I ask Jim how I get on the roof. HAHA that got him right up off of the couch! He was up there cleaning out the gutters while I was removing the moss hanging from our ooold oak trees. I got a sunburn...then came inside and did 2.5 hrs worth of work (a project my boss put me on at 4:30 on Friday...). Then I made this card before I was going to go out with my girls from work on Siesta Key. I finished the card and got ready for going out....I asked my friend Tina where they were and they told me the bar - so I drove allll the way out there (about 15/20 min) and realized my phone was dead. Dang. I walked inside and asked if there was a big group there...nope all old people - excuse me, elderly people. Obviously not the crowd I was with tonight! lol. So I tried to remember my friend Tina's number by heart. Nope got some lady named Kathryn, I think. Drove ALLL the way back home and charged my phone enough to get Tina's number and call her on the home line. She was like "where the heck are you" and I couldn't stop laughing...because I'm really tired from today...and I have an inkling that my phone dying was a sign I shouldn't go out. So I'm going to be a bum on Saturday night (like I always am :) and not go out). She's going to be mad when I tell her because we've been planning this for weeks. Ugh.

Anywho...back to the card: 6x6 choc brown cardstock with "The Green Stack" paper and those Michael's chipboard and lime green "floss"

Oh and the rub on at the bottom is from Joann fabrics in the $1 bin. Gosh, I'm a budget card maker! Go me!!

Crossing my fingers to win my first set of Verve stamps!! I don't remember which blog I first saw it on, but I just love the "Beautiful You" set...which of course is now SOLD OUT! I am cursed today!!

Well, I can't wait to see the new stamps that are arriving and hopefully I'll win something one of them - good luck everyone!

Hope you all have a less stressful day than I least I have my amazing hubby who comes to my rescue and cleans my gutters :)

See ya!


  1. I love those buttons and that paper is adorable!

  2. Interesting use of buttons. Great dsp as well.

    It's a good life!
    Terri E.

  3. I love the colors in this card! And the design! I found your blog from the Verve site. Your work is an inspiration to me. TFS


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