Friday, February 27, 2009

KW Color Challenge 43

Great choice of colors Kristina! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I woke up really early this morning to make this card as we are off to Orlando to get away for a couple days.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Embossing - Whatever Challenge #2

I'm excited for another one of Naomi's "Whatever Challenge" - #2 is Embossing! I just have to warn you...I'm not the best embosser in the world, I'm still findin' my groove. So, on that note, I embossed the green swirl, the brackets and the "special". I got my inspiration by these ADORABLE (ninguins) from BamPop! and my two special stampin' buds...Christy and Naomi.

The ribbon is from American Crafts and the "friends" is from an Amy Butler embellishment set from Michael's.

You must have by now realized that I am a Micheal's addict. I live literally 2 minutes away and that was the only place I shopped when I first started. I've slowly branched out to CTMH and SU! but you know, I have to pace myself or my husband will start finding out how much this hobby costs!! uh oh...that would be terrible!! lol.

Ok well that's it for now...I'm going to watch America's Next Top Model reruns and try and shake this headache I have!

Enjoy the post!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese!

I was searching around some of my favorite blogs after my SU! party and I came across another challenge from Caardvarks...Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (awesome name!!). I made it super simple because Jim and I wanted to duel in Guitar Hero on our Wii machine - best console EVER.

The stamps are from the Amy Butler stamp set from Michaels. The border at the bottom is Treading Waters punch from Fiskars. The sanddollar type circle things are cut from a paper I got at K2 (our favorite Sarasota scrapbooking store...visit their blog here).

And I finished it off with some stickles (love those!).
I'm off - rock on everyone!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Well...the hubby is DJing tonight so after I went out with my momma, I came back and felt like using this CUTE paper...its from the Green Stack from Joann's - I have wanted to use the little woodland creatures and here they make their appearance! Coincidentally...I had two "Hello" stamps - exactly same font but in two different sizes (both from Michaels).
The border is the Top Note die cut from SU! and the leaves above the beaver are a run-on from Target!
I really like this card - I hope you all do too. Enjoy the rest of your weekends and I'll see you soon for Naomi and Kristina Werner's challenges!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Caardvarks Hearts Challenge

My first Caardvarks challenge! Yippee! This week is the Hearts Challenge...perfect for Valentine's Day (because mine came late anyway!) I had a song in my head, and I'm pretty sure the lyrics are "you mend my broken heart"...and so I decided to do something like this for my card!

excuse the bad picture...I'm in a hurry and LATE for my scrap and dash with Na!!


Kristina Werner's Color Challenge #42

Another very cute color challenge from the fabulous Kristina Werner!

I didn't have the "kiwi kiss" color, so I opted for a more lime colored "clover meadow" from CTMH. This was the first time I made a card in under like 30 minutes...that's great for me - normally I can spend an hour on 1 card!

But this week I wanted to keep it really simple and I finally used these super cute chipboard pieces that I got from Michael's...they had a few different color selections (and of course I got them all) and each packet was $1 - what a DEAL! I also used the "just because" stamp from Michael's $1 bin (GOTTA LOVE IT!) and I poked a design to mock the stamp. I'm really proud of it - I hope you like!! Can't wait for next week :) Thanks Kristina!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jim's Home/Check out my Friends' Cards!

YEAH! Jim is finally home! We've had such a great time since I got off of work today - we went out for some chicken wings and antipasto salad (which I've been craving for weeks...) and now we are just going to cuddle up and watch tv! AND I am off work tomorrow! Does it get any better?? Before I go - shout out to Naomi for her beautiful Whatever Challenge #1 card with brads! Nice job! Christy - I'll look forward to seeing yours sooooon!!

Peace out!


Monday, February 16, 2009

Whatever Challenge 1

I feel much better this week! My hubby comes home tomorrow (finally!!) and I was feeling pretty creative today when my awesome friend Naomi started her challenges back up today! I think I'm going to like these "whatever challenges". Can't wait to see what she and Christy came up with!

I took a trip to Michael's today because I have been wanting to use white embossing powder so badly for some reason...and so I used it for the card today. And the stamp was only a $1 (from Joann's)! I loooove me some bargains!

Paper and Brads from Michael's (love those crystal brads for some bling). Rub On } and Amore Letters from CTMH.

Thanks for visiting - enjoy!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day...

...although Valentine's is a day to bask in the warmth and love of your significant's Hell week at work. Rather, all holidays are Hell because I work at a flower shop! Granted, I'm in the wedding department, but I do have to help out in sales and processing the 5000 (yes 5000) roses that come in this week! So, no cards until after V-Day most likely...unless I feel really inspired and lonely (since my hubby had to go out of town for a loss of a family member). I look forward to celebrating this day with him next weekend when things are so crazy. I hope all the lovers have a wonderful day, and remember, don't call your neighborhood florist this week unless you're placing an order. I love my brides, but leave me alone this week!! :)

Goodnight and good love!


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cute Gift Items

So my sister-in-law, Heather, has recently started creating some beautiful gift items that she sells on Etsy (if you've never heard of the website, it's all hand-made items from different's fantasic!)

She is always adding new items that simply amaze me...I don't know how a wife/mother of 2 has any time for this (she's incredible). Well currently, she has 2 different types of blankets (called Angel Blankies) one is knit and the other is flannel lined with satin. The knits come with a child-sized scarf and both blankets come with her hand-made card (she's recently been introduced to the Cuttlebug and has become am I). Along with blankets, she makes soaps, candles and even "snugglies" which she has a lamb and an angel. SO many different colors/patterns/styles - ready to send. They are beautiful and anyone would appreciate this thoughtful gift.

I hope you love as much as I do, you can visit her store at: or her website is - check it out!!

Thanks for visiting!

Have a great day!


Card 3 of 3 for OTR Color Challenge

And my last card for the night...I just LOOOVE the Spiral Punch from SU! (it's been on my waiting list for forever...) so it works perfectly with the "just a note" sentiment from A Muse Stamps and the "Spread your love" from SU! The scallop punch is also SU! and I added some colored dots that I punched out for a little flair. Again, the flower is cut from that awesome paper from Michaels. The background paper is just a cut dotted paper that my friend had a scrap of just big enough for a card!
Good night!!

Card 2 of 3 for OTR Color Challenge

The second card that I made for the Over The Rainbow Color Challenge:

A little 4x4 card that I thought would look cute with just some punched squares. I used the same paper in the middle row as I did for the hill in the first. The 2 in the corner are blue cardstock and some ribbon from American Craft. The other are a heart and flower from SU! The Smile sentiment is also from SU! (Thanks Terry for letting me use all your great stamps!)

Over The Rainbow Color Challenge from Nichole Heady

Wow my second post! I'm super excited. After I posted my card from the Kristina Werner color challenge, my friend sent me the link for another from Nichole Heady: Over The Rainbow Challenge. Thanks everyone who's already commented on my first card - it's really encouraging and you all are so sweet! I love being part of such a great network of creative people!

So tonight, we went over to our friend Terry's and spent all night working on our different projects: I only brought 3 colors of paper and the inks that (kind of) matched the challenge. It is incredible that the least amount of stuff I bring with me, the more I have to think about what I'm going to do...and what a great feeling to get so much accomplished and not have to carry anything...whew! Enjoy the cards!

The first:

I LOVE these's paper from a card set called The Green Stack - I got it at Joann Fabrics - all of the papers in this set are from recycled material and did I mention they are CUTE CUTE CUTE! I finished it off with a little glossy accent. The "hill" is made from a paper from Michaels Crafts - I just cut out one of the flowers - I didn't want just plain cardstock. The sentiment is SU and I stamped it in 3 colors from CTMH.
I like it and I hope you do too!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kristina Werner Color Inspiration #40 this is my very first post to my new blog...(which my awesome friend basically set up for me) and it's my very first color inspiration challenge! I'm a fairly recent scrapbooker/cardbooker...but I'm really inspired by Kristina Werner's designs and all of my amazing scrapbooking friends! You all are fantastic!!

Hope you all enjoy...hopefully I'll start posting more religiously!

Have a great day!