Monday, November 23, 2009

grat-i-tude (card 2)

In our second line-up in my Thanksgiving cards, we have this little cutie!

I wanted the glittery leaf to be the focal point of the card (because I got it in a set from Michaels with papers and stickers and a ton of stuff for like $1.99!! Holy cow!! I would have bought 1 for Naomi and 1 for Christy...but they only had one left :( sorry girls....)

My mom and dad just got off a week long cruise (so jealous) but I was so excited for them because they have not been on a cruise since the Big Red Boat (uh like 12 years ago...and now it's a floating prison, lol -- no joke) and they haven't been on a vacation by themselves since like their honeymoon (I have no idea if that is true or not but it's been a looong time). So they had a great time!! The thing was, I wanted to pick up the phone and call them so many times while they were gone :( It made me realize how lucky I am to have such great parents, and to have them so close (last year, they moved literally right up the street from my husband and I...we were a little worried at first that they would just drop by unannounced, but they have been really good about not doing that, lol, thank know, we are are still kind of newlyweds, haha!!)

Well, that's all for now!! Enjoy!

paper: PTI rustic white and terracotta tile, Making Memories - Autumn Splendor
ribbon: PTI terracotta tile (twill)
sentiment: Stampin' Up (SU)
ink: PTI terracotta tile
misc: glitter leaf from Michaels in their
Autumn Splendor 12x12 page kit ($1.99!! crazy awesome deal)


  1. hey i love that leafy glittery thingy!!!!! your parents are great!! i loved having you and your dad over last year for thanksgiving!!! that was so much fun!!!

  2. gorgeous card!!! Love the glittery sprig..

  3. your so cute...and your cards are rock' you

  4. Stunning! Love the colors and stamped background and the glitter leaf is gorgeous.


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