Friday, November 6, 2009

Embellis with Owls - Birthday Wishes


Owl are you today?

Quick post tonight - Wes's birthday and my friend from college is staying with my hubby and i this weekend!! So exciting!!

I originally made this for Wes...but hubby said it was way too girly lol (for obvious reasons). So, in the box it goes :)

stamps: su - friend to friend, pti - mega mixed messages
ink: pti ink duo
paint: ctmh create-a-shade with tim holtz lettuce alchohol inks
martha stewart border punch
paper: pti rustic cream & bitty dots
kaiser pearls; twine from walmart


  1. i agree with jim. i dont think pink is his color!! hahaha the twine story was fun i was still on your side. but pink.....not so much a dude color. love this card though!!! cute cute

  2. It's very pretty but I got to agree with him, a tad bit too girly. I'll take it though :)

  3. Lovely card, Julie!!! It has a nice organic feel to it!!! Love it :)

  4. Such a pretty card Julie...the flowers are so soft and your distressing is perfect!

  5. I am a girl!!!! You can sent it to me on my birthday LOL.
    I think it is absolutely adorable! Girly........but sooooooo beautiful.

  6. Very cute card! I dont think Wes would have liked the pink... The one you gave him was awesome though!! You should definitely post that one!

  7. This is cute, Julie! Hope you are well! Thanks so much for playing in the Embellish Magazine challenge!


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