Monday, July 6, 2009

Vegas, Baby!

We just got back from our much needed vacation and I just wanted to share a few pictures! It was my first time in Vegas!! One of the companies my hubby works for sends us on a business trip "thank you" every year...and they even cover the!!

They put us up in the beautiful Venetian Hotel and we had a gorgeous view from our suite of the several pools below, the Treasure Island hotel and even the mountains in the background!

Look at the awesome view at night of the Strip....WOW!
There was just so much to look at - and so many lights - it was just beautiful!

I think one of my most favorite memories of the trip had to be the Bellagio fountains at night. There are no words to explain just how beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. The picture doesn't do it have to see it for yourself (the song and pattern is different every time, too). Amazing.

Waking up the first morning was interesting...the alarm clocks didn't glow in the dark and the drapes were so dark that you had no idea what time it was!! Jim opened the blinds and it was sooo bright! yikes! We thought it was like noon (but it was like 8:00 am).

We walked the Strip a lot. We ate a lot, too. I'm sure I gained some poundage...oh well.

I think we saw pretty much every hotel. Here are a few pics from the Luxor (Egyptian theme). It was really, really, neat - Transformers 2 was advertised on a complete side of the Hotel!!
Here is a good shot of New York, New York and the lion at the MGM Grand.
That's it for to dinner! More pictures later :)



  1. Isnt Vegas amazing!!! Glad you're back! We need to plan a trip there

  2. What a interesting city this is, considering it used to be desert. I once wanna go there too.

  3. I love Vegas. I've stayed at the Venetian and it is amazing. One of my favorites. Did you make any money?


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