Monday, July 20, 2009

And It's.....Good!!

Yesterday, my husband and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary! Holy moly! We had a beautiful day together - we woke up late, drove around Casey Key and looked at some unbelievable mansions (dreaming that we would someday have one, lol) and stumbled across this cute little restaurant right on the water called "Pops". We saw tons of boats go by and Jim even spotted a large stingray (like 2 ft wide) jumping out of the water!! We went home and watched "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" at like 2 in the afternoon (it was the only thing on, but it's a cute movie!). Afterwards, we went to Mr. Bones on Anna Maria Island for some BBQ ribs....YUM...and finished dinner off with some delicious Key Lime Pie. We haven't been there is years and everything is still perfect!
So, I'm sure you're all wondering...are we those types of people that would traditionally wrap our wedding cake and freeze for an entire year so we can have a bite on our 1 year anniversary?? BINGO! The whole year it's been in there. Thank goodness my mom reminded me to defrost it overnight!

Here is a picture of my hubby and I cutting the cake at the wedding. Ugh, I just adored my cake, it was exactly what I had envisioned. We got it from Mr. Cheesecake (yes, cheesecake!!) in Bradenton. I wanted writing on the cake with words to represent inside jokes, phrases and song lyrics that my husband and I always say. I had seen a couple other cakes like it, but not exactly what I wanted - and mine just blew me away. Isn't the topper fab!? I didn't want anything traditional or boring, so I came across Shea Chic Designs on Etsy. OMG the girl was great!! She knew exactly what I wanted - and it got to me in perfect timing! I've checked back now and again - and she is completely booked with orders!! YEAH!

Ok - so back to the cake. It's been in the freezer a whole year -- and here it is!! I didn't even remember what flavor it was, lol. I remember the 3 layers were Bailey's CC, Turtle and Plain (then we had 3 sauces - raspberry, lemon and strawberry). So we dug was strawberry filled!!

Alright, so we were scared about the first bite. When I asked Mr. Cheesecake if they had ever heard back from a Bride/Groom if it was still yummy after the first year, they said they hadn't - so we would be their guinea pigs! lol...great. Jim was pretty scared - I was excited, because it smelled really good!! And it was good!! I couldn't believe it. We only took the one bite because we were stuffed from dinner, but Jim did mention that he'd like to enjoy some more tonight.
So thanks for reading!!


  1. congrats on 1 year! when you are 100 and jim is however old jim will be...I can be like "I was there!" :)

  2. I just love the picture of the bite after a year. You can tell you are having fun together.

  3. awww... Cute! Im glad you guys had a great 1 year! Congratulations! Im glad your cake was still good too! Ours was terrible!! hahaha!

  4. Congratulations! Is that Naomi + Amir in the photo w/ you all with the cake?!


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