Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day and Glimmered Soldiers!

I appreciate all of our soldiers fighting for our wonderful country. I pray for the fallen soldiers, the ones away from their homes and for the families that miss each and every one of them.

I hope everyone enjoyed their Memorial Day. Unfortunately, I had to work for the first part of the day (taking down that wedding you saw in the previous post).
But the second half of the day was wonderful - all of our friends came over to our house for a BBQ - FUN! Christy made some really yummy, really strong sangria (I needed that).

(Upper left is Michaela, Upper right is Christy, Bottom left is Naomi and me on bottom right! Our husbands were outside chillin' and grillin').

Michala brought over some delicious cake and I made an arrangement of sahara (champagne) roses, silver curly willow and silver wire that I took from the wedding (don't worry, the wedding was long over by then) and I designed it in my wine carafe...cute huh!?! I thought this picture was very patriotic...lol.
Oh by the way...so I'm obsessed with glimmer mists - all the colors - they're just so beautiful. And mixed with Tim Holtz's masks....it's a match made in scrap heaven!

This was the order that my friend Naomi and I placed - we got about a dozen each. MMM yum.

Here's a look all lined up like little soldiers :)

I highly suggest this purchase!

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  1. Jared told me you worked way too much on Mem. day, but I feel your pain! It was me and well, the two awkward labmates. Long day, let me tell ya. And I have no idea what glitter mist is, but it sounds way too pricey for my el cheapo scrapbook obsession


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