Sunday, April 5, 2009

What a Wonderful Day (and Yummy Dinner)

Jim and I tried to make kabobs today but we ran out of juice in the grill (like I told Jim it would...) so we took the shrimp, steak and vegetables off of the kabobs and Jim cooked them on the stove with some Italian dressing, Worscheter and lemon juice - YUM. Then we got some a party handle of Jose Cuervo Margarita and wow it was a perfect complement. For dessert we had some fresh fruit.

We ate outside on our lanai - it was beautiful outside, sunny with a great breeze. I put our tablecloth on that we got for our wedding - it was so beautiful and our plates and the colors matched perfectly!

Here are some close ups - mmm mmm good.

Now we are going to finish up the night with Gone in Sixty Seconds...ok let's ride!


  1. Hey Crazy Nooka! I read your blog alot now lol love you tons!

  2. Hey Julie! Your table looks beautiful with all those colors! Love it!


You just made my day!!