Sunday, April 5, 2009

My birthday was awesome!!

Happy Birthday to me...! Every year my parents either get me a birthday cake or they make me one (and my mom normally puts lifesavers as candleholders...just because it's cute!)

Those are my parents (and our family cat, Foo). We were watching a new movie with Will Smith "Seven Pounds" - which was awesome by the way (a little slow in the beginning, but it was great overall).

This year I am 23 - woah - time flies and it was a wonderful birthday. Jim got me some PTI stuff (I love him) - thanks Na for helping him :)

I came home from work, and there Jim was - not only did he wrap the presents, but he decorated it with flower and a button - HOW CUTE, right? Uh, he's so adorable.
I am just obsessed with all of this PTI's beautiful. He got me the Bitty Dots paper, the Butterfly set and the Mega Mixed Messages. I've already used a little from each!

Not only that but the day after my birthday we went to my sister-in-laws house to celebrate my birthday again! Heather (my sis-in-law) HAND CROCHETED a hot pad, then knit dish towels and hand towels. They are beautiful and you can visit her Etsy store here. She's amazing! Check it out!
(that's my father-in-law and my nephew, Danny sitting next to me). Excuse the terrible picture of me... :)

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