Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Strike a Pose!!

I cannot take a serious picture....obviously. So I am notorious for making goofy faces - even in very elegant bridesmaids dresses. My poor Sarah (the Bride) - her wedding photos will be glamorous to every detail until I come along HAHA! j/k. Her wedding is on Jan 2nd at the Crosley, and it will be an old Hollywood vintage red carpet event for sure! She had been going back and forth with the girls' dresses (wanting us to feel sexy and glam) and the other dress just wasn't hitting the mark. Then we found this PERFECT gown. The front has a very subtle V and the most beautiful eggplant color (which actually looks really good next to my very fair, ghostly, skin color).

The straps join together into a fabulous low back and a crystal brooch.

And then...HELLO train! Ugh, this is the dress, we knew it the second I put it on (even though it's a tad too big -- and of course, my b**bs are not big enough to fill it out, go figure...)

So what do you all think? Old Hollywood? I think so!!!


  1. a WEDDING POST?! ok, now that I got that out...thankfully I don't have to pick out dresses anytime soon! But yes, old Hollywood, and I love the color! ...alas, I would trip and fall and break my nose with the train :)

  2. You look lovely in it. Yes, it is a little to big for your lovely figure but maybe you can give it a stitch or two in the waist.
    But it does become you like this as well.

  3. Lol I love you and being the bride of this wedding I must admit i think your going to look freaking hot for your husbands birthday (aka MY Wedding day!) And i'm glad we are ordering a much smaller dress for you!


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