Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Na!!

One of my most amazing friends just celebrated a birthday on Saturday. I'm sure you're very familiar with her blog (if you aren't you should be, she has incredible designs) -- Naomi Chokr - Happy birthday Na!!

A couple weeks ago, Naomi, her husband Amir, our other awesome friend, Christy and I went to Whim-so-Doodle...mmm it was incredible!! I bought a lot...including 8 colors of ZING -- it's my new favorite embossing powder, it's just FABULOUS!

Na and I are true shoe-wh*res and when we find a great shoe, we've literally got to have it in every color. Wait, we do that with scrapbooking stuff, too, lol...



  1. show Wh*re ahaha!!! yup thats us. i love this card and its so cute that it's not going in the trash!!!!! ok lookie lookie you are using a frog. you should have a frog in every color too. oh god we're sick!!! thanks so much for my gift..... glad i could spend that time with you....sleeping while you watch "I love you man" hahahah


  2. fun card...that naomi is a whipper snapper :)


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