Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sweet Sweets!

Hey there!

You'll be glad you stopped by today...I have some pretty pastries to show you from my trip up to New Jersey / Philadelphia a couple months ago.

I should be packing now for my trip up to Montreal tomorrow, but of course, I'm procrastinating :)

I was emptying the pictures on my ca
mera to create room on the memory card and came across these pictures I forgot about. This little bakery in Philly was delightfully cute. The window displays were uber-cute! It's called Termini and if you're in that area...you
really need to stop in for some goodies.

Now, I'm kinda proud of myself because I finally learned how to use my camera after 3 years of having it. I don't have anything super amazing, but it's a perfect little camera for me. The Canon PowerShot S315
is a nice mix between a point and shoot and a fancy professional camera :) My husband's uncle is a photographer in New Jersey (I'll post pictures of his amazing studio soon) and he was pretty impressed with my little camera!
That was exciting to hear, lol.

Anyway...I've always shot with auto and a flash. Isn't that what everyone was taught? Well it's wrong (well, it's not as great as it could be, I should say!)

Uncle Jeff told me that it's really important to experiment with different settings, and he never uses anything other than Aperture and Shutter Speed settings (which on my
camera are Av and Tv).

So, this trip I decided to use none other than those two settings. These pictures on this posts are SOOTC (straight out of the camera) and I am still kind of in shock...I really like the way these came out -- WAY better than if I would have used just an Auto setting.
Don't those Cappuccino Biscottis look incredible? They were! I love how just a few in the center are in focus and the rest is blurred. I did that! Me! I'm just so excited that I'm finally taking good pictures with the camera that I already own!!

And these cupcakes...these were practically in the back room and I was behind the counter! My zoom is pretty good, I'd like to think! I have to confess, I didn't have a cupcake, but they look so fun and yummy!!

Last picture I'd like to end on -- not exactly sure what is chocolate covered, but it looked so good. It was really difficult not sampling everything in the bakery! (Not my best picture, but I don't have time to photoshop it before I really NEED to start packing!!)

Which is now, lol. I have to wake up at 5am to catch an 8:30 international flight at an airport an hour away (and get breakfast...and coffee).

Can't wait to post more pictures of my awesome New Jersey / Philadelphia trip!! And I am so excited to be using my camera in Montreal -- I hope to get some awesome pictures :)

Have a great week and weekend...I'll see you next Tuesday!

Hugs and Love,



  1. Great pictures Julie. Have fun in Montreal.

  2. AHHH! enjoy! gonna miss yah! love the 1st picture BTW. great composition and angle. i dont want to like the other pictures... becasue they are not vegan.

    start practicing your "eh"

    call when you get back yo!!!

  3. I love the pictures. I think I have the same camera and I use the auto setting...I guess it's time to figure out just what that little camera is capable of.

    Have fun on your trip! <3


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