Monday, December 7, 2009

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year....

Christmas is almost here...I can't even believe it! Thanksgiving came and went so quickly and I'm still not ready to have more turkey, lol, I was having leftovers for DAYS!

Well, this was a very busy weekend for hubs and I. We took several (and I mean several) trips to Home Depot, Walmart and Walgreens trying to supplement our Christmas lights seems wherever we went, we forgot something, or they were out of what we needed, etc. It's never just "easy", lol.

We had so much fun putting up th
e lights -- as you can tell, Jim looks thrilled, right? haha.

Sorry for the fuzzy pic...I don't even know what setting my camera was on -- and it poured the
day before and was still overcast outside.

(Thank goodness we have shingle roofing, because if we had tile, you can't step on that...let alone sit on it or it will break.) And so Jim was able to easily put the lights up without having to constantly move the ladder!! (And it helps we have a very short house, lol)
I just absolutely adore these little candy canes...aren't they sweet (hehe, no pun intended)!

They are just the perfect little accent to the yard.

And for the grand finale -- our little house decorated with lights :)

Hopefully I'll get the house cleaned soon and post pictures of the inside all decorated cute! (and post pictures of our tree...which I haven't gotten

Love to see what your house will be decorated like this year!!

Talk to you all soon! Enjoy!


  1. fabulous...i love it....its soo cute and homey ;)

  2. Julie, wow! (This is Sara, from CB :) )I can't even believe my eyes. I came across your blog after following you on are so talented!!!! I am going to have buy some of your cards for my family. They would LOVE them. AMAZING.

    ~Sara Anderson


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